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Vertice’s Digital Journey

Tomorrow Thinking Today

What does digitisation offer to Medtech?

We look at this from various angles simultaneously:

  1. Trends leading the thinking;

  2. The tools needed to implement solutions; and

  3. The skills needed to build the solution.

Our Focus

In some trends we already have a presence and others we have just started, but our focus is on the following:

  • 3D printing in Medicine

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Health research

  • Health sensors and tracking

  • Medical Education

  • Robotics

  • Nanotechnology in Medicine

  • Portable diagnostics

  • Social Media

  • Telemedicine and Smartphones

Our Tools

We have technical skills of 85+ people that carry a wide arrange of relevant skills such as JAVA, AngularJS, Blockchain Hyperledger, Apache Spark, Native iOS & Android …

And we use tools such as…

  • SAP B1 to ensure a solid back-office and foundation

  • Analytics using Microsoft tools and a partnership with company providing deep machine learning (ML) and AI tools

  • Silver partnership with Microsoft and hosting in Azure Public cloud, using new technology and skills like App Services, SQL, Data warehousing, Data lake, Data bricks

  • Partnership for online education and CPD

  • Templatised Apps for easy alternation to fit quickly-deployed solutions to run better businesses

How is Vertice capturing digital opportunities?

By building solutions:

  1. for clients (to grow their own business)

  2. and staff (to service clients better).

We build digital opportunities through

  • Consistently technology is everywhere, and it impacts everyone from basic SMS, to Apps on smartphones high-tech offerings like blockchain in value-based medicines.

  • Sometimes technology is disruptive, or it disrupts be it our clients or competitors.

  • We don’t run after fads.

  • Nor do we build solutions and hope it will sell.

  • Our technology stack allows us to quickly deploy solutions when customers or staff ask for it.

  • We are not an ICT, so we don’t have to make money on technology, this is an enabler to run better businesses.

  • Our standard template code generator on Android, makes these device add-ons quick and easy.

How will Vertice’s digitisation help you?

We acknowledge it’s pervasive, and doesn’t wait for adoption, and by embracing this and in fact making it part of everyday conversations – we consistently look for better ways to do business.

  • We capture our stock levels on an app with internal bar-code scanner to make sure the correct amount and item is held at a hospitals and clinics.

  • We sell OTC (over the counter) products, supplements and medical books  on an on-line portal for easy access and best price.

  • We understand clients want technology right now and every time.

  • We understand the power of a solid back-office system ensuring accurate inbound and outbound processing avoiding expensive errors in billing and returns.  This remains the foundation for any consumer facing solutions.

  • We have high-tech reporting and analytics at our fingertips and this allows accurate and fast decisions from Executive level to reps in the field.

  • We understand the value of the Middle-office and deploy solutions like contract life cycle, or updated pricing models or effective quoting quickly.

  • By hosting all our solutions in the Cloud, we don’t have data losses or downtime.

  • And by using the security gates of these platforms, our internal and client data is kept secure.


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